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Rosso Lavento

Rosso Levanto marble is a rare and luxurious natural stone that originates from Turkey. Its rich, red-burgundy color is the result of the presence of iron oxide in the stone. The striking white veins that run through the stone add to its unique beauty and make it a highly sought-after material for interior design.

Rosso Levanto, known as Elazig Visne has been prized by civilizations throughout history and has been used in the construction of columns, floors, and walls. Its durability and polish ability make it a perfect choice for high-end projects. In modern times, Rosso Levanto marble is mainly used for interior cladding, as its beautiful colors and elegant contrasts add warmth and charm to any space.

It is often used in the creation of floors, thresholds, columns, and stairs, and is especially popular for bathroom furniture such as wall coverings, bathtubs, sinks, shower trays, and floors. Its rarity and elegance make Rosso Levanto marble a highly desirable choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their home


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