What We Do

  • Sourcing

    Grande Marble is the premier choice of most exclusive hotels, spas, commercial lobbies and luxury property developments. Our clients trust our proven track record of delivering beautiful, natural stone and tile spaces from all around the world. With years of relationships with quarry owners, experienced QC’s, Grande Marble is supplying marbles more than 10 countries over 70 different quarries.

    What We Do
  • Fabrication

    In our Istanbul facility, we are serving to our customers, bespoke cut to size projects with 5 axis CNC bridge saws, and water jets. For slab cutting, we are working with subcontracting factories with latest technology

    What We Do
  • Direct & Supply

    With our high skilled QC team in 5 countries, we are supplying ready to ship marbles as slabs, standard sizes and pavers. More than 70 different colors and surface options are available in our portfolio.

    What We Do
  • Logistics

    From factory until site, we are dealing all logistics operations, such as sea containers, air shipments, custom duties and local deliveries with tail lift minivans, Moffat trucks, and lorries with cranes. We can deliver from 1 set counter top, up to large scale architectural projects.

    What We Do

Our Difference

  • Geographical Advantage
  • Local Collaborations
  • Experienced Inhouse QC's
  • Flexible Production

Turkey is the world leader in marble export, with 42% share in global marble trade, and 70% share of global marble reserve. Our head office in Istanbul is in the heart of marble country, and very close to other large producer countries such as Italy, Greece and Spain.

With our strong history and relationships with quarries and factories around marble countries, we can supply more than 70 different types of marble.

Our inhouse Quality Controller teams, visit factories in Turkey, Italy and in China, to check our orders during production and final products. This gives an advantage to us, for also catching live stocks and stock clearances.

We can deliver from 1 set counter top, up to large scale architectural projects from our Istanbul facility, also we can supply standard size marbles from our subtractors which quality assured by our controllers.